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Re: about Flyvideo 98 card

On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 01:13:43AM -0800, j smith wrote:
> i have 2 TV cards:
> 1) Flyvideo 98 card, bt878 chip
> 2) Ati TV-wonder VE
> the 2nd card works under Debian 3.0, but the 1st does
> not. can you help me?

BT878-based cards ought to work OK. What exactly do you mean by "does not
work"? What error messages do you get? What does xawtv do/not do when you
try and use the card? What does lsmod say? Do you have something like this
in /etc/modules.conf:

# The BTTV module does not load the tuner module automatically,
# so do that in here
# (in 2.4.24) Oh yes it does!
#post-install bttv insmod tuner
post-remove bttv rmmod tuner

# from /usr/src/linux/Documentation/video4linux/bttv/Modules.conf

# i2c
alias char-major-89	i2c-dev
options i2c-core	i2c_debug=1
options i2c-algo-bit	bit_test=1

# bttv
alias char-major-81	videodev
alias char-major-81-0	bttv
# card=37 - ProLink PixelView PlayTV Pro
# tuner=1 - Philips PAL_I FI1246
options	bttv		card=37 tuner=1 radio=1 bttv_verbose=2
# type=1 - Philips PAL_I FI1246
options	tuner		type=1 debug=1


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