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Re: adding new hard disk

On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 08:07:30PM -0800, Anita Rohani wrote:
> Hi
> A few hard disk partitions on our current Debian
> system are close to becoming full. I would like to
> install an addtional hard disk and extend the
> partitions on the current disk to the new disk. Is it
> possible to do so and are there any instructions
> avaliable on how to add and configure additional hard
> disks on Debian?
check the archives. i got a lot of good help recently on migrating a
partition. the course i chose was a mixture of tips. your ideal
solution might be other that mine. search the archives for partition migration.

essentially, create a filesystem on the new disk, set up a mount point,
mount it, cp -r the data, edit fstab to reflect the new arrangement.
don't delete the original until you're sure the new partition is extant.


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