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Re: best way to storing old mail (mhonarch, archivemail,...,?)

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 08:30:36AM -0500, Antonio Rodriguez said
> I'm looking for opinions to archive old mail, and yet leaving it in a
> readable way. I have used mhonarc only so far, but it seems to me that
> there could be a better way, even by just gzipping mbox and creating a
> script to pipe it thorugh mutt to read it when needed. Doing apt-cache
> search I could find a bunch of options, so I am asking for user's
> experiences in this

I run "archivemail" in a weekly cronjob to clear out mail older than two weeks
from my Debian folders (that works out to be about as large as I can be
bothered to let mutt deal with).

Relevant bits from the script:

export ARCHIVEDIR=/home/rob/mail/archive/$(date +"%Y%U")/
# archive Debian list mail after two weeks
mkdir $ARCHIVEDIR/debian || true
for i in ~/mail/lists/debian/*(/);
        do archivemail $OPTIONS -d14 -o$ARCHIVEDIR/debian $i;

This archives mail into a directory udner ~/mail/archive/ named after the year and the week of the year.

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