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BIND 9 with DHCP-DNS and PPPD Demand Dial

Hi there,

I'm currently running Debian Woody 3.0 r1 on my home Internet gateway box,
and I've just removed DNSMasq and put BIND 9 in place instead.

This was working fine, DNS lookups are happy, the other PC's can surf the
net and all that with correct name resolution and local name resolution is
authoritative and doesn't cause the modem to dial to do a DNS lookup to my
ISP's DNS servers.

However, I installed the dhcp-dns package and made a modification that I
found somewhere on the net to work with BIND 9. The fix was replacing a
variable in the script for BIND 8 with rndc reload or something to that

Now, after doing this, it dials of its own accord with no other PC's turned
on whatsoever, and a tcpdump shows the address (ppp0 interface
IP address before being assigned one by my ISP) performing a DNS lookup to
the ISP's DNS servers.

Any ideas why this may be? I'm probably doing something stupid, but I'm not
sure what's going on and hopefully someone out there has experienced this

Oh, and I have pppd active filters in place to restrict what causes it to
dial and the only things that will are ports 25, 53, 80, 110, and 8080.

And, if I remove port 53 from the active filters, then it never dials
because the client PC's have to perform DNS lookups before they send any
other traffic such as http or pop3 requests etc...

Any ideas?


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