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Re: ALSA can't find modules


Soumyadip Modak (<soumyadip@softhome.net>) wrote:

> I'm trying to setup ALSA on my unstable system. I have an nforce 2 igp
> with onboard i810 compatible sound. I installed the alsa-base,
> alsa-utils and alsaconf packages. But alsaconf can't detect my onboard
> sound, and cat /var/log/boot | grep ALSA says:
> Fri Jan 23 20:00:53 2004: ^[[9;30]^[[14;30]ALSA detected, so aumix
> will not touch the mixer settings.
> Fri Jan 23 20:00:54 2004: Starting ALSA (unknown version): failed -
> ALSA modules not installed
> Which package do i need to install to get the required ALSA module ?

I think there are no precompiled modules for the standard Debian
kernels, so you need the alsa-source package. I think you can find more
information on building a deb package with the modules you need on

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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