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Hi, I have a single machine running BIND and Apache. I've never used either before. I've just upgraded this box from stable to testing. I have never been able to get the web site to show up using its domain name. I can type my static IP address into a web browser and it will show up, and I just noticed tonight that I can type in nameofmachine.domainname.org and the web site will show up. BUT, if I just type www.domainname.org or domainname.org then I get NOTHING. Is it not possible for one and the same machine to be the primary DNS server of the website it hopes to serve for? Is this a problem with my domain name registrar? (I've been to their site and told them my primary dns is nameofmachine.domainname.org and I picked some free service to be the secondary dns. This was all months ago.) Anyone have suggestions? I'm uncertain which config files would be helpful and wonder how smart it is to post such files, containing my IP address, to a big archived list like this. Thanks for any guidance. I appreciate being CC'd.

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