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Re: Bug Report-Deb Install says insert cd2 but doesn't eject cd1

Hi, suguru.

It's rather difficult for me to follow your Indglish, but I'll try to do
my best.

On Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 03:21:16PM +0700, suguru@rad.net.id wrote:
> Which Package is Install?
> I tried to use ReportBug but it said system was unavailable.

Please post the exact error message.  This looks like the *BTS* was
unavailable, which would suggest some network problems.

> There is a very severe bug in the installer.
> After loading some packages it says there may be more via
> apt on Cd2.
> Deb Install says insert cd2 but it doesn't eject cd1.

The package management system in Debian has horrible flaws, but it's
very powerful in certain other respects.  What exactly is your problem?
Did the slot remain locked or what?  You can configure automatic
ejecting, but it's not a default, and rightly so.  Again, post the error
messages in length.

> Asking users switching to Debian to tell you which package
> before they can make a bug report is another way to keep
> Debian as one of the least frequently used distros.

Maybe you're wrong, but still:  We are proud of it !-)


Jan Minar                      "Please don't CC me, I'm subscribed." x 4

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