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[no subject] "no screens found" error "Retrieving bug reports" in aptitude "unsuscribe" Re:%20problem with two same 3c905c-tx ethernet cards, but no problem with only one (2.6 IPsec) tcpdump: "truncated-ip - 12 bytes missing!" (no subject) (OT) cool data recovery story from a bad drive (LVM) Re: (OT) Re: Godel (OT) What books would give better insight into networks Re: (SOLVED) problem with perl ( and spamassassin (solved) Re: Could you give an example iptables script? (Help... I want to learn this stuff) (un)mounting smb shares Re: (unknown) -- Virus Alert -- RE: ... switched to EXT3 Re: .._ARRRGH!!!_; ext3 fs "is write-protected, mounting read-only", new bug? ..doh!, solved, was: ..rsync error (code 12) kills lan mirroring ..rsync error (code 12) kills lan mirroring ..rsyncd setup the Debian way, clue whack please .bashrc .bash_profile - created from? .config how to change .deb dependancy hell / & /boot lost, re-install? Re: /dev/cdrom is not a valid block device /dev/cdrom is not a valid block device` /etc/init.d/ - add/remove services /etc/ /etc/mail/aliases.db out of date /etc/modules after a new kernel compile /etc/nsswitch.conf /var/lib/dpkg/status 2 questions from debian noob 2.4 won't recognize my keyboard? 2.4.24 fixes local root exploit in 2.4.23 2.4.24+ kernels do not recognize my ide hard drives. 2.6 and /dev/dsp 2.6 and devfsd 2.6 kernel and nvidia drivers 2.6 kernel not autoloading modules 2.6 upgrade RE: 2.6 upgrade (mouse) 2.6.0 + ALSA sound quality Re: 2.6.0 + where is /etc/modules? Re: Fw: 2.6.0, ppp, devfs 2.6.1 and ALSA trouble (very little volume) 2.6.1-mm1: Still can't find forcedeth! 256-color xterm Re: Re: Re: 3COM Gig ethernet driver compile woes (source from 3COM/ASUS) 3COM Gig ethernet driver compile woes (source from 3COM/ASUS) 56K Modems 8139too Module Re: :::Debian Network Help::: Virus found in a message you sent hardware problem??? Il Suo messaggio è stato ricevuto dall'Assistenza Clienti di eBay (KMM83391801V5685L0KM) Re: Instalação Debian (distribuição estável) Instalação Debian (distribuição estável) Name resolving doesn't work Norton AntiVirus detected a virus in a message you sent. The infected attachment was deleted. - Norton AntiVirus ha scoperto un virus nel messaggio ricevuto. l'allegato infetto è stato cancellato Problem_with_usb-ethernet_adapter Rappel pour les abonnements aux listes sur Re: Name resolving doesn't work Resposta Automática RV: Tarjeta Gráfica y las X Az Ön által küldött levélben vírus volt, mely ki lett törölve. X nie działa Тaможeнное офоpмлeниe Любая офисная мебель от компании Феликс с большими скидками. [apache] plain SSL support Re: [apache] plain SSL support [SOLVED] Re: [DEB-USER] Re: 2.6.0 + where is /etc/modules? [dpkg] configuration issues? [Fwd: AcrobatReader>fullscreen and Gnome2] [Fwd: Preliminary investigation were started] Re: [GLUG-tech] Kde Open Office + setting up printing.. [HELP] Debian Woody on HP Proliant DL 380 G-3 [ Crusoe longrun 2.6.1] [ Procmail and Spam Filter] [ Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender] [MailServer Notification] To Sender a virus was found and action taken. [newbie] WLAN and Graphic [OT[UnOfficial Unsubscribe FAQ Re: [OT] Bruce Perens talks to BBC Re: [OT] Bruce Perens talks to BBC [ PLEASE STOP ] [OT] DVD-ROM hardware question [OT] Googling... [OT] Re: gateway 2000 solo bypass password [OT] TCP/IP help needed: MTU Discovery [OT] tuxracer + bunny hill: possible? [OT] update static html site over ftp (rsync like ftp syncing) [OT] USB error message [OT] yahoo protocol in gaim won't set AWAY status [postfix-tls] SASL LOGIN authentication failed Re: [postfix-tls] SASL LOGIN authentication failed [SOLVED] [SOLVED] linux-2.6.1 compile error on sarge Re: [Solved] Noob Question: How do I get libperl-dev pkg if debian is down? Mirrors? [SOLVED] Re: Boot to execute lilo [SOLVED] Re: lost configuration after reboot Re: [Solved] running graphic dos games in dosemu [solved]Re: ethernet routing [Solved]Re: Problems with apt-get update RE: [Woody] Mounting LVM-snapshots with ext3 + ACL + user_xattr-P atch [Woody] Mounting LVM-snapshots with ext3 + ACL + user_xattr-Patch Re: [WTLUG:discuss] App for making invitation cards AA fonts in epiphany about Flyvideo 98 card access to /dev/sound,/dev/dsp for current physical user Ack. Help. AcrobatReader>fullscreen and Gnome2 add-shell adding an attatchment using the mail command? adding extra network routes The last update was on 16:26 GMT Fri Aug 09. There are 5606 messages. Page 1 of 12.

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