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Re: BIND 9 with DHCP-DNS and PPPD Demand Dial

I didn't get any responses to my original query with this, so I did some
more poking around of my own.

As it turns out, I should have been using dhcp3 instead of just dhcp as it
has DDNS capability built in.

I have removed dhcp and dhcp-dns, installed dhcp3, and am using the builtin
DDNS capabilities of Bind 9 and dhcp3.

I no longer have erroneous dial-ups.

Just thought I'd post this in case any else experiences a similar situation.


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Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 8:30 PM
Subject: BIND 9 with DHCP-DNS and PPPD Demand Dial

> Hi there,
> I'm currently running Debian Woody 3.0 r1 on my home Internet gateway box,
> and I've just removed DNSMasq and put BIND 9 in place instead.
> This was working fine, DNS lookups are happy, the other PC's can surf the
> net and all that with correct name resolution and local name resolution is
> authoritative and doesn't cause the modem to dial to do a DNS lookup to my
> ISP's DNS servers.
> However, I installed the dhcp-dns package and made a modification that I
> found somewhere on the net to work with BIND 9. The fix was replacing a
> variable in the script for BIND 8 with rndc reload or something to that
> effect.
> Now, after doing this, it dials of its own accord with no other PC's
> on whatsoever, and a tcpdump shows the address (ppp0 interface
> IP address before being assigned one by my ISP) performing a DNS lookup to
> the ISP's DNS servers.
> Any ideas why this may be? I'm probably doing something stupid, but I'm
> sure what's going on and hopefully someone out there has experienced this
> previously.
> Oh, and I have pppd active filters in place to restrict what causes it to
> dial and the only things that will are ports 25, 53, 80, 110, and 8080.
> And, if I remove port 53 from the active filters, then it never dials
> because the client PC's have to perform DNS lookups before they send any
> other traffic such as http or pop3 requests etc...
> Any ideas?
> Pete
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