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10mbit iBook nic 3dfx Voodoo 5500 PCI Adding OSX again ibook 2.2 xfree problem airport on tibook: surfing vs. ssh/scp airport problem on ibook2 _almost_ got suspend/resume working on iBook2.2 Re: ALSA on TiBook alsa problems ALSA problems Re: alsa problems Re: ALSA problems Re: alsa problems ALSA Strangeness Altivec support in gcc [ANN] Yaboot 1.3.10 released [ANN] Yaboot 1.3.9 released Anti-Virus Recommendations for Woody 3.0r1 PowerPC any hope for ibook2 500 users and external video? apt-get update with unstable main Problems Re: ati driver & xfree86 [solved] AW: ALSA problems AW: AW: Building kernel AW: Building kernel AW: how to start kde ? AW: Problems starting the X-server Beige G3 266 installation Re: bloat tolerance? booting from hard disk of rs6000 43p 150 RE: Fwd: Re: Booting the Debian installation CD on Powerbook G4 1 2" RE: Fwd: Re: Booting the Debian installation CD on Powerbook G4 1 2" Re: Booting the Debian installation CD on Powerbook G4 12" bootloader motorola powerstack Re: Bug#175921: patch: patch works on i386, fails on powerpc Re: Bug#182642: boot-floppies: boottime keymap makes 88 key adb keyboard unusable on oldworld powermac Re: Bug#182642: boot-floppies: boottime keymap makes 88 key adb keyboard unusable on oldworld powermac [BUG] Building kernel CD burning speed in ibook2 Re: Ciao Stella computer suspends unexpectedly Configuring Sound DAE performance Debian comes up with clock 14 hours off Debian on 2nd HD Re: Debian on PowerBook G4 Titanium 15-inch 1 GHz w/SuperDrive Debian on the new powerbook 12'1 Debian support for 12'' G4 powerbook deb v mdk DMASOUND, scsi Does sungem support MII? dri trunk on ibook2 DRI unresolved symbols... driver for GeForce2 MX of NVIDIA DVD-R writing does work fdisk for RS/6000 Flashing ? on boot. french keyboard for pwb/testing fstab and volume types (was Re: X-windows question) [Fwd: Re: Geforce2MX with ADC flat panel] G4 with GForce 2MX galeon-snapshot Geforce2MX with ADC flat panel "GLIBC_2.3" not found when starting X Gnome2: a lot of broken packages (aptitude) Help with poerpc 9600/350 Help with some low level access Re: How to make the tv output work ? How to Run X11 on a 400MHz iMac how to start kde ? ibook2.2 kdm error iBook2 and Airsnort iBook2 and CD/RW overburn support ibook2 and XFree86-4 ibook2 rev2 potato cd boot problems.. iBook and heat production iBook in slumberland ibooks and tv-out I can't install the package of drm-trunk ide-controller ACARD 6260M not working with debian 3.0 i have powermac 4400 (Old world) while booting becoming an error during loading of root.bin need help Initializing linux partition on install results in reboot. in search of Programming tutorial Installation on PowerBook G3 wallstreet Installing Debian 3.0 r1 on PowerMac 9500/180MP Installing Woody on PowerMacG4 AGP - Yaboot from which partition? installing X Installing X windows environment is gnome 2 closer to OS X than 1.4 ? kbdrate hangs on TiPowerBook KDE 3.1 for SID KDE progress on Alpha & PowerPC Kernel announcements. kernel oops in mesh keyboard and xdm Keyboard ibook last line displays on top of screen in X on iBook2 Linux on the new AmigaOne G3/AmigaOne XE /Teron CX/Teron PX/Terrasoft Boards Lombard XFree86 m6mirror kind of (m7mirror) MIDI adapter for TiBook Missing file in Mini CD ISO? M-O-L in the TiBook mp3 encoder for debian ppc mpg123@iBook-Tangerine Re: My airport card doesn't work new dri-trunk packages for sid Re: new dri-trunk packages for optimizing my debian other brands airport cards Panic'ing 2.4.21-pre4 on a PPC604e (IBM 830 Carolina) - Patches? Partitioning? Partitioning, Beige G3 pbbuttonsd on TiBook PBG4 12", NVIDIA Geforce4 420 Go and vga-out pbuilder and dpkg remapping table performa 6360 Permedia3 console & 2.4.x kernel Pine for Debian Planning to switch to Debian on PowerBook 1400cs playing region 2 dvd's on ibook? Powerbase240 Mac clone install prob continued PowerBook G4 12": nVidia GeForce 420 Go sure is a problem power management on beige g3 ppc division by zero weirdness printing problem Problems installing on Beige G3 Problems starting the X-server Problems with pmu/display Problems with xserver-xfree86-drm-trunk Problem with a kde3.1 apt source problem with starting up lyx using Qt, compiled with gcc 3.2 python gnome2 apps segfault Re: quick questions Powerbase240 Mac clone install QUIK loader HELP!!! Quik on PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet) Re: ripping tracks from a audio-cd Sleep in X on pismo Sleep mode not working on an iBook 2.2 The SmokeTest : Black Terrazzo Screen, No Boot, No Woody SOS : Some Post Installation Problems of Debian on iMac Sound! starting with X Strange fn-key behaviour on TiBook III System disk floppies tcpdump on 700MHz iBook not receiving all frames? test Testing Sarge on IBM pSeries systems tetex deb doesn't install tftboot.img TiBook 1000 modem? TiBook M7 sleep works! Trouble with Dual boot MacOSX/Woody - Yaboot on G4 Gigabit The last update was on 20:17 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 584 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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