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Initializing linux partition on install results in reboot.

I'm attempting to install Debian 3.0r1 on a Umax SuperMac 603e/200. It
is OldWorld, so I made floppies of the boot disk (boot-floppy-hfs.img)
and root disk (root.bin).  The former boots the box just fine, and the
second is ejected before starting the actually install. At this point, I
partitioned the drive as I wanted it but am not having much luck getting
beyond this point.

Attempting to Initialize and Activate Swap Partition resulted in the box
apparently sitting idle for about three minutes, then rebooting. This
occured a couple times, but I guess was eventually successful as I'm now
prompted to Initialize a Linux Partition. When I attempt to do this,
however, the box essentially does the same thing. It goes to a screen
that says the inode tables are written OK; then it goes to a step
"Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information" and appears
to sit idle for about three minutes prior to rebooting the box. I've
tried skipping to one of the later steps -- Mount a
Previously-Initialized Partition -- and can choose from the menu which
of the partitions I want to mount. I do so and am told I need to mount a
root partition, so I say OK and receive this error:  "Mount Failed:
Invalid Argument".

Any ideas on how to actually get the partition configured so I can
continue with my install? I searched this list's archive and didn't find
anything, but I may have missed it.

One thing that may be important but I'm not sure is that /dev/hda2 and
/dev/hda3 are both drivers of some sort. I've attempted deleting them as
the box will not have multiple OSes installed, but this results in an
error something like: "Sorry: can't delete a driver partition (yet!)".

Thanks for any help anyone can and cares to lend,


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