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Re: playing region 2 dvd's on ibook?

On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 12:01:35PM -0700, Nirmal Govind wrote:
> thanks for the suggestions folks.. will try it out once the DVDs
> arrive.. wanted to make sure I didn't buy DVDs that won't play.. :-)

I am not sure if it has been made clear that you will not be able to
read DVDs region X if you set your DVD drive to region Y. You can change
this region a limited number of time (5 IIRC).

If you want real freedom to read all DVDs, you need to flash the drive
firmware with a modified one (best solution) or use a tool to erase the 
region change counter to give you your five changes back.

I don't know if such tools are available for your drive. If someone has
some good urls to figure it out, feel free to send them.


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