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Re: ibook2 rev2 potato cd boot problems..

Quoting Jon Michaelchuck <jbm@jay-be-em.org>:

> Now when I boot I can't get into OS X or Debian.. I just get that mac
> screen with the blinking face in the center. No big deal, I'll just
> reinstall completely with Debian, never used OS X anyway.

[snipped yaboot spiel]

> .. Now the screen turns white with black text -- open firmware
> There are a few things like video card found, etc.
> then simply:
> booting...
> and it locks. I've let it sit for 1/2 hour and no luck.

Tried typing 'debian video=ofonly' at the boot: prompt? A potato kernel won't
support the Radeon M7 display controller properly, so you'll have to upgrade the
kernel before you'll be able to use a native framebuffer driver. But that should
at least get you booting.

Derrik Pates

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