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Re: Installing Woody on PowerMacG4 AGP - Yaboot from which partition?


Setup as follows:

30Mb disk partitioned with OSX (and Classic 9.2) on c 15Mb (HFS+) MountPoint = /

another partition of c 15Mb (HFS) MountPoint =  /Volumes/Tux

Can I install Woody on "Tux" without reformatting or disturbing OSX on the first half of the disk?



On Wednesday, February 5, 2003, at 10:45  pm, Clive Menzies wrote:


I've read the docs for a diskless install but am having trouble indentifying which partition to enter into yaboot for OF booting. I'm running OSX on the first half of the disk and have formatted the other half as HFS. Trying to list the partitions using pdisk gives :

Top level command (? for help): l /dev/ide
pdisk: can't open file '/dev/ide'


brw-r-----  1 root    operator  14,   8 Feb  5 22:19 disk0s8
brw-r-----  1 root    operator  14,   9 Feb  5 22:19 disk0s9

Is it likely to be partition 10 I need being the last one o the disk?



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