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QUIK loader HELP!!!

Hello dear Friends

I just installed the debian release 3.0 current in a Powerbook 3400c.
I followed the instructions for harddisk installation, and installation went very well until I had to reboot the system. There a window appeared talking about QUIK, by mistake I press OK and the computer rebooted.

The screen is black, and I can hardly see the following text:

Second-stage QUIK loader
Debian/Linux PowerPC (woody) boot:
Enter the kernel image name as [device:][partno]/path, where partno is a number from 0 to 16 (...)

What should I do now?
The Macintosh operation system does not boot and the screen is black with the text above.
I think something very critical is going on.
I will very grateful for any information that can recover my powerbook from this stage.

I use Xboot 1.22 to load debian

Please help;


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