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[ANN] Yaboot 1.3.9 released

Yaboot 1.3.9 is now available.

This release adds compatibility with the new Apple PowerBooks which
no longer capable of booting MacOS 9.

1.3.9 also properly fixes the config file search on IBM CHRP machines
with more then one primary 0x83 partition.

See ChangeLog for a detailed list of changes, or changelog
for the summarized version.

** IMPORTANT NOTE to GNU/Linux distributors:
   If you wish for your distribution to be install-able on new 2003
   PowerMac/PowerBook models you MUST upgrade your yaboot packages in your
   currently shipping stable distro to 1.3.9, older versions of yaboot
   will result in an UN-bootable system!

Yaboot 1.3.9 is as always available from:

As always yaboot releases are signed with GnuPG, it is highly
recommended you verify this signature (detached ascii .sig file)
(this message is also signed with the same key (keyid 0x2C447AFC)).

Ethan Benson

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