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Re: Debian comes up with clock 14 hours off

Hej Steffen,

> The story so far; in Debian on my iBook, the clock is 14 hours ahead (it's set
> correctly in Mac OS X).  The problem is consistent and reproducible.  
> If I set the Linux kernel clock (using the "date" command) to the correct time,
> then boot from there to Mac OS X, the clock there is 14 hours behind.  
> Someone asked what time zone I'm in; I'm in Central, GMT-6 hours.  
> I got the suggestion that I need to do it the non-GMT OS method; tell Debian
> that the hardware clock is on local time, so the system time accordingly:
> > That is, the Mac kept the
> > clock in local time, so you set Linux to be in local time also. 
> Thanks for the comment, but that is not my issue; my system already has been
> configured that the hardware clock is local time.  However, it reads that clock
> to be 14 hours ahead.  
> Someone also e-mailed me to say that they have a completely different problem,
> that their "date" command thinks that the year is 1904, which may or may not be
> related.  
> Let me ask the question another way--does anyone running Debian on a 2-USB iBook
> have the time work correctly for them?  

not for me here, neither. I'm in MET (GMT+1), but I also have a time lag when
having booted to OS X. I do not remember precisely how much the lag was;
IIRC it was about 9 hours back (ie. when 9.00 am MET, the laptop would
show shortly after midnight). I wondered if apple was so egocentric as to
set laptop-internal time to apple-headquarter-time :)

I have worked around that issue by installing ntp-simple; but obviously that's
not a real solution.

There have been talks here recently that apple has introduced another clock
residing on the I2C bus rather than on the PMU (?); maybe the issue is
related to that?

Philipp Kaeser / kaeser@gubbe.ch

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