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Re: playing region 2 dvd's on ibook?

OoO En cette nuit nuageuse du jeudi 20 février 2003, vers 00:15,
christophe barbe <christophe@cattlegrid.net> disait:

> If you want real freedom to read all DVDs, you need to flash the drive
> firmware with a modified one (best solution) or use a tool to erase the 
> region change counter to give you your five changes back.

It is useless with linux players : they do not ask the drive for the
key to decrypt the disc. A RPC-1 drive always give unconditionally the
key to decrypt the disc. A RPC-2 drive does not. Your RPC-2 drive can
be zoned or not. If it is not, he will refuse to give the key for any
zoned disc. If it is, he will give it only if the zone match or if the
disc is not zoned. The zone change is not done automatically, it has
to be asked by the software. The zone stuff is just to give the key,
the disc is perfectly readable whatever the drive zone is. The drive
does not decrypt itself the data on the disc, it is done by the

Linux players do not ask for the key (they are not licensed and then
do not have the keys to speak to the drive about this), they crack it
every time you want to read your DVD. That is the whole point of

So, do not bother to flash your DVD drive if you are just using Linux.
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