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Re: kernel oops in mesh

> > where can i get help for a maybe bug in mesh.o
> > when i modprobe -r the module, i get an kernel oops, and the pb hangs, when trying to go in sleep mode.
> > whom to can i send my syslog or anything else or who is responsible for the mesh driver,
> > maybe there is list for something like that?
> > thanks, benjamin
> >
> > please cc me, because im not on this list.
> I suppose I'm the one.

Let me add another one: removing, then reinserting the MESH module also
panics - at least it did in 2.4.18 IIRC, 2.4.20 just hangs hard at the
initial bus reset. The keyboard is still somewhat alive, I can overwrite
the screen with newlines but nothing else.

No oops to show here ...


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