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Re: quick questions Powerbase240 Mac clone install

On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 07:23:30PM -0500, VincePanero@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 1/28/2003 7:19:23 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
> tillman@voicetrak.com writes:
> > > I was intalling via 2 floppies (cuz my pps powerbase 240 mac clone can't 
> do 
> > 
> >  > CD boots) that pointed to a 7 CD set of Debian 3.0 from 
> Cheapbytes...yeah, 
> > I 
>  >  > >  Is this a beige G3 (I don't think it is...)? If so, you will need the
> >  > >  patched version of quik referenced on this list during the last week
> >  > >  or so. You could probably tell from 
> >  > > 
> >  
> >  The only other possibility I can think of is running out of space 
> >  in the filesystem. Are you possibly trying to install somewhere
> >  other than /target, or picking a small partition by accident?
> I've been thinking about the file-space issue more...since the last email, I  
> have rejiggered  my partitions and reinstalled MacOS8.1 . It breaks down as 
> follows 2.1gigs):
> /dev/sda 1 apple_partition_map Apple        31.5k
> /dev/sda 2 apple_driver43                           27.0k
> /dev/sda 3 apple_driver43                   37.0k
> /dev/sda 4 apple_patches    patch partition     256.0k
> /dev/sda 5 apple_Unix_svr2  root            175M
> /dev/sda 6 apple_Unix_svr2  swap            96M
> /dev/sda 7 apple_Unix_svr2  var             350m
> /dev/sda 8 apple_Unix_svr2  usr             1.2gigs
> /dev/sda 9 apple_HFS untitled 2             302.7M (MAC OS8.1 resides here
> /dev/sda 10 apple_free Extra                    5.0k
> so...do these partitions look big enough for where my basic install is going?

Sure. As long as in the installer, you'e mounting / /var and /usr then 
going for the install, all should be fine. 

> During the installation, a file appears that I may change... I can't recall, 
> but I believe is says 
> Should I be using BootX? Do I need to invoke it in a terminal window...and 
> what is the command line for that? 

BootX may be a better solution for you. Download it from the Debian archive
or copy it from the CD while booted in MacOS, it is a MacOS program. It
can boot the installer, using root=/dev/ram and pointing to root.bin,
or it can boot the installation after you're done. In that case, skip
the Make Hard Disk Bootable step, and just set up BootX to do your
booting from MacOS. If you use the extension, it will ask when first 
loading extensions.

> This is an old world mac however, do I still need a 800k bootstrap partiion 
> (file?) before (or even in the ) root file?


> maybe this is all in the manuals...its just integrating into a clear strategy 
> that seems challenging to me.

If you haven't read the manual we so painstakingly worked on, 
then I'm gonna be pissed. Please tell me you read the manual.

> >  You may be able to get more details on the problem by booting the
> >  installer with the extra arguments 'debug verbose'. This would involve
> >  a different boot floppy, unfortunately, or binary-editing the one you
> >  have. If I get a chance, I'll fix an image up for that.
> >  
> I will try further, but  that image might be a good idea...

BootX can also accept these arguments, so then no need for
an image. (When I've tried that before it hasn't worked well -
so I'd rather leave it as a last resort).

"The way the Romans made sure their bridges worked is what 
we should do with software engineers. They put the designer 
under the bridge, and then they marched over it." 
-- Lawrence Bernstein, Discover, Feb 2003

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