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Re: G4 with GForce 2MX

On Mon, 2003-02-17 at 15:17, Fred Heitkamp wrote:
> Has anyone had an problems with the nvidia
> driver on the GForce 2MX?
> I have tried several of the latest XFree86 versions
> and several of the latest kernels.  When I start X
> I get just a blank screen that requires a reboot
> to clear.  I can log in remotely though.  I look
> in the X and kernel logs and I see no errors.
> I have a dual processor snakebite machine.

 1) Make sure the kernel uses "offb" and not "rivafb"
 2) Use Daniel Stone's latest XFree packages with the
    "nv" driver.


That should work...


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