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Re: Beige G3 266 installation

> As I went along, I discovered System Disk 2.3.1 and
> patched my broken firmware. I also installed BootVars,
> so that I can change the load-base if I need to and
> looked around for BootX parameters that may be needed.

Uh...you don't need BootVars. BootX (what version are you running?) should be 
just fine. I don't know (or remember) right off the top what parameters you 
should use to go with BootX, but the only ones I can think of relate to video 
(for me, since I run with a voodoo3 card)...I'm sure someone can point out 
the correct things to put into your parameters. 

> So, here I am... I am using BootX with "no video driver"
> checked (is this the same as video=ofonly?), and I am
> sending "hda=noautotune" to the kernel, because the
> install halts while mounting / otherwise.

That's odd...I know that Linux is more sensitive with bad hardware than the 
Mac OS is...perhaps you should try a different kernel? 

> Any assistance (or avian sacrifices) would be appreciated.

(munching on turkey sandwich) I hope this helps....


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