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Re: Debian comes up with clock 14 hours off

The story so far; in Debian on my iBook, the clock is 14 hours ahead (it's set
correctly in Mac OS X).  The problem is consistent and reproducible.  

If I set the Linux kernel clock (using the "date" command) to the correct time,
then boot from there to Mac OS X, the clock there is 14 hours behind.  

Someone asked what time zone I'm in; I'm in Central, GMT-6 hours.  

I got the suggestion that I need to do it the non-GMT OS method; tell Debian
that the hardware clock is on local time, so the system time accordingly:
> That is, the Mac kept the
> clock in local time, so you set Linux to be in local time also. 

Thanks for the comment, but that is not my issue; my system already has been
configured that the hardware clock is local time.  However, it reads that clock
to be 14 hours ahead.  

Someone also e-mailed me to say that they have a completely different problem,
that their "date" command thinks that the year is 1904, which may or may not be

Let me ask the question another way--does anyone running Debian on a 2-USB iBook
have the time work correctly for them?  


Craig Steffen

current goal: use a CueCat scanner to inventory my books
career goal: be the first Vorlon Time Lord 

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