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Re: Altivec support in gcc


Guillaume Morin wrote:

As I understand it, the gcc vector extensions are only usable in gcc
3.2 (maybe 3.1), and you'd have to rebuild everything down to glibc
with -mabi=altivec if you want to use that.

No, you don't need to rebuild glibc to use gcc vector extensions. Indeed
-mabi=altivec "extends the current ABI with AltiVec ABI extensions.
This does not change the default ABI, instead it adds the AltiVec ABI
extensions to the current ABI." (from the glibc info page).

You also need to build the program with -maltivec.

Thanks for that! I'll try it tommorow when I have a G4.

One other question.. I did "apt-get install gcc-3.2" and
it can't find the package. I took a look, and it seems that even though the packages are present on my mirror, they are not mentioned in the "Packages" file. Anyone know why this might be the case?




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