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Debian comes up with clock 14 hours off

I just installed new-powerpc Debian (testing) on my Apple iBook.  I dual-boot
with Mac OS X.  I am running the stock kernel that came with the new-powermac
installation, 2.4.18-newpmac.

When Linux boots, it sets is time to 14 hours ahead of what it should be,
whereas Mac OS X has the correct idea of the time.  Is there a quick fix for
this?  Something in a config file that I can tweak?  There's a web page where
someone describes having that same problem (near the bottom of the page):
He mentions that Ben H. (of iBook kernel fame) said that you need to get get Mac
OS X to have the RTC be set to Universal time, but doesn't say how to actually
do this. 

Do others experience this?  I searched the powerpc mailing lists for "time" and
"clock", but I didn't see anything.  I don't know what package to check to see
if this has been reported as a bug.  I did find a possibly related bug report,
but I'm not sure, and the original author didn't say what architecture the
machine was.  http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=172675

As an aspiring Debian maintainer, I'd like to track this down, but I don't want
to spend time fixing something that already has a solution.

Any advice/knowledge/thoughts would be welcome. 


Craig Steffen

current goal: use a CueCat scanner to inventory my books
career goal: be the first Vorlon Time Lord 

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