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Re: airport on tibook: surfing vs. ssh/scp

>>>>> "Michel" == Michel Lanners <mlan@cpu.lu> writes:

    Michel> I'm still waiting for an opportunity to put my card
    Michel> in an OS X computer, since Apple has newer firmware
    Michel> than 8.40, but only bundled with the OS X Airport
    Michel> software.

When I gave my ibook an airport card, it couldn't even do icmp.
The orinoco driver complained about lots of unknown information
frames and the like.  It took me a while to figure out why ---
and the reason is that my airport card (bought in December 2002)
came with firmware version 4.16.  

Yesterday I booted up the machine in OS X, which updated the
firmware to version 8.70.  Now the airport card works like a
charm.  So I agree with the statement "New firmware good."


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