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Re: fstab and volume types (was Re: X-windows question)

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 07:21:50PM -0800, Nathan S. wrote:
> Hmm, I never realized that the kernel had the ability to read hfs
> volumes - it seems to me that the hfsutils and hfsplus documentation
> said that it didn't.  Was the hfs line in my /proc/filesystems file
> added by the hfsutils package?

The kernel has had HFS support off and on for quite a while now, but
it's not always been reliable or well supported. The HFS support in
the kernel is completely unrelated to the hfsutils package.

> I added the line 
> /dev/sda     /mnt/zip     hfs     user,noauto     0     0
> to my fstab and it seems to mount fine now. I used the same options,
> dump, and pass entries that were on my floppy drive line - is that
> acceptable and should it work alright?  It looks like it works well,
> but I haven't ever changed the fstab before.

Yes, the two zeros at the end are fine. They're pretty much meaningless
for any non-unix filesystem.

	Brad Boyer

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