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Re: is gnome 2 closer to OS X than 1.4 ?

On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 11:47, Jean-Christophe Michel wrote:
> Hi,
> it's not a troll. I run successfully woody/benh on pwb Pismo (500 MHz)
> for some months, using Gnome 1.4.
> When I compare to mac OSX I'd like to have characters smoothing,
> copy/paste working between apps (Mozilla/console/editors)
> and I wonder if Gnome2 would have this features.

Gnome 2 has text antialiasing using the Freetype library, so it is
pretty high quality as well :-) 

There are some improvements with Cut and paste, like you can cut HTML
from Mozilla and paste to Evolution mail composer, or you can cut a
spreadsheet from Openoffice and paste it as a HTML table to your mail
message.[*] O think those things are being improved continuously. Drag
and drop for opening files works very well on Gnome2

> Is it best to try to install Gnome 2 on woody or switch to testing ?
> Does mol (mac os 9.2) work with testing ?

Mol should just care about the kernel more or less, so that it finds
your MOL kernelmodules. If it also finds a working framebuffer and a
MacOS to boot from it should be happy.. I use MOL in testing and
unstable and it seems to work fine. Thouhg I dont update every day so
some breakeage might have slipped through unnoticed :-)



[* the subject of HTML mail is not the point in this message :-]

Tuomas Kuosmanen | tigert@ximian.com | www.ximian.com

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