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ibook2 rev2 potato cd boot problems..

Hi, I was playing around with moving/resizing some of my filesystems and
messed up the partition table and ended up rm'n my /... Luckily I have

Now when I boot I can't get into OS X or Debian.. I just get that mac
screen with the blinking face in the center. No big deal, I'll just
reinstall completely with Debian, never used OS X anyway.

So I put in my ppc deb cd and here's what I get:

Welcome to yaboot version 0.9
Wrong partition 1 signature
config file read, 613 bytes
Debian GNU/Linux PowerPC (potato)
boot:  ( I press enter )
Loading kernel...
Wrong partition 1 signature
     Elf32 kernel loaded
Loading ram disk
Wrong partition 1 signature

.. Now the screen turns white with black text -- open firmware
There are a few things like video card found, etc.
then simply:
and it locks. I've let it sit for 1/2 hour and no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.

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