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Re: ibook2 rev2 potato cd boot problems..

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 11:23:02PM -0600, Jon Michaelchuck wrote:
> Hi, I was playing around with moving/resizing some of my filesystems and
> messed up the partition table and ended up rm'n my /... Luckily I have
> backups.
> Now when I boot I can't get into OS X or Debian.. I just get that mac
> screen with the blinking face in the center. No big deal, I'll just
> reinstall completely with Debian, never used OS X anyway.
> So I put in my ppc deb cd and here's what I get:
> Welcome to yaboot version 0.9

For newer machines like the ibook2 you would be much better off with
woody, which provides a new-powermac flavor.

But first, just try adding video=ofonly to your boot parameters (below).

> Wrong partition 1 signature
> config file read, 613 bytes
> Debian GNU/Linux PowerPC (potato)
> boot:  ( I press enter )

Use Tab to see your options here, probably just `install'
then enter a space and video=ofonly after the image name

> Loading kernel...
> Wrong partition 1 signature
>      Elf32 kernel loaded
> Loading ram disk
> Wrong partition 1 signature

Don't worry about these messages; yaboot is just carping because it 
wants to be on its own bootstrap partition.
> .. Now the screen turns white with black text -- open firmware

If you need to boot manually, refer to the manual but it's something
like: Cmd-Opt-O-F at boot, then at the OF prompt:

boot cd:,install\powermac\yaboot video=ofonly

"The way the Romans made sure their bridges worked is what 
we should do with software engineers. They put the designer 
under the bridge, and then they marched over it." 
-- Lawrence Bernstein, Discover, Feb 2003

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