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Re: 10mbit iBook nic

Sorry -- just caught the end of this thread, but a really simple way to force 10Mbit is to use an old hub. :) If you don't have such things laying around (sadly, I do...) I can't help. Sorry. (I'd google looking for help, I would look around for an answer, but work is terribly busy today)


debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org wrote:
Thanks for the reply, but my network doesn't really work properly.. (i think a busted cable somewhere might be the problem), i need to force 10mbit. ifconfig eth0 media 10base(2/T) for example gives: "Port: SIOCSIFMAP: Operation not supported I'm going to try ethtool, i heard it should work, but i'll have to burn it (a floppydrive on the iBook would be usefull now.. ;) ,since i'm obviously not on the network.. ;)
i hope ethtool does the trick,

Clemens Mangler wrote:

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Laurens Kraal wrote:

Does anyone knows howto set the nic of the iBook to 10mbit? My networks
needs it and the mii-tool i use on an other platform doesn't work..

i think the ibook NIC sets it automatically (depending on your network)
you may also try ifconfig --help


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