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Re: Kernel announcements.

On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 20:41, J Q Private wrote:
> Ben, this is a question for you, but maybe someone
> else can answer, too.
> Once I got your kernel working to my satisfaction I
> just stopped playing with it.
> Do you post to the list when you think a good
> improvement to your kernel has been made?
> Is there an online changelog?

Since recently, I've started posting "stable" releases
based on 2.4.20. (Which is what can be found in my rsync
and on kernel.org now).

There is a "CHANGES" file at the root of the rsync
repository, or, on kernel.org, I put a copy of this
file as patch-<version>.log next to the patches

This stable kernel is only released as snapshots. That
mean that, unlike previously, if you rsync again and the
kernel still gives the same version number, then it _is_
the same kernel. I no longer update the rsync with changes
without bumping the version number.

The above is _not_ true for the "devel" kernel (based on
2.4.21-pre), but currently, I prefer people don't use that
one, at least not until a couple more -pre's ;)


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