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Re: Problems starting the X-server

On Don, 2003-02-20 at 08:12, Reto Stalder wrote:
> I have an iBook 2.2. My problem is, that the X-server does not start. The
> screen turns black and stays like this. There is no way to return to the
> console. The only way to access the machine is to login via ssh from a
> foreign host. I've installed it following the instructions on mij's page. I
> have tried out the combinations of two kernels and two versions of Michels
> X-server:
> - self compiled ben6-kernel
> - precompiled ben5-kernel
> - Michels X-server version 2002.12.05-4
> - Michels X-server version 2003.07.02-2
> The effect is allways the same. There must be a problem with the radeon
> driver, but I can't fix it. I haven't found any previous posts on this
> topic.

You didn't look hard enough. ;)

> Fatal server error:
> could not open default font 'fixed'

Make sure xfonts-base (or even better x-window-system-core) and xfs are
installed (or uncomment the direct FontPaths in XF86Config-4).

The black screen is because radeonfb fails to restore the display after
the server aborts for some reason.

Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)/ Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc) developer
XFree86 and DRI project member   /  CS student, Free Software enthusiast

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