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RE: _almost_ got suspend/resume working on iBook2.2


Thanks for your suggestions.

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003, Pisupati, Ajay wrote:

> Hi,
> 	Just a curiosity question.  Is your debian install setup to
> regenerate the XF86Config file each time it loads?

No, but to be sure, I've now moved everything but the font paths to after 

> Also, are you sure you read all the help that is available?  I have the same
> ibook2.2 that you do and I have my suspend working w/ DRI (or at least I
> think it is turned on).  There is a great page that you can access by
> googling for debian on ibook2.2.  all I did was follow the instructions.

I know that page. I've checked my XFree86-4 file numerous times to be in
accordance to that page but it seems to be OK -- and yet after resuming I
still get the screen corruption. I suspect my problem is not something
that I should have done (which I would be able to find instructions for in
the numerous tutorials) -- but something that I should NOT have done,
which will be a lot harder to find.

Thanks anyway,

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