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Re: Bug#175921: patch: patch works on i386, fails on powerpc


Sorry I misunderstood the issue.  I thought it could be reproduced under 
ppc Linux.  I did not understand it was a fluke event.

Why would this "fluke" be holding up X11R6 development at all if it could 
not be "reproduced" even by the original submitter?

Sorry, just trying to help.


On February 3, 2003 02:05, Michael Fedrowitz wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 01:55:34PM -0500, Kevin B. Hendricks wrote:
>  Hi,
> > Perhaps the code has someplaces where char is explictly assumed to be
> > signed.
> Very unlikely, patch is highly portable and I've never heard of any such
> problems with it.
> > And then re-run thetest case and see if now passes.
> That's just the point: there is no (reproducible) test case. It
> apparently just happened once and silently went away afterwards, which
> is why I don't really believe that it's a bug in patch, but some weird
> intermittent failure of whatever...
> -Michael

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