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Planning to switch to Debian on PowerBook 1400cs

Hi all,

I am planning to switch my PowerBook 1400cs to Debian Woody PowerPC port. I
tried MkLinux before with some limited success. I mainly had problems with
a considerable number of broken packages.

I have a few questions regarding this switch:

1.) Is it possible to get power manager unit working under currently
available linux kernel(s)? I have not been able to do this. Last time I
researched this issue (a few months ago) I could not find any information.
Apple did not help in resolving this issue and even MkLinux people (who
used to be helped by Apple) don't have pmu working on PB1400. Not having a
working pmu would, up to a point, defeat the purpose of switching.

2.) How small hard drive would I need for a minimal install. Initially, I
would use command line for some light wordprocessing and possibly sc. Later
I would like to move to a very light X window manager (such as blackbox,
for example). Apple didn't give me a large hard drive, I have only 750MB,
after partitioning I won't have a lot.

3.) Any problems to look out for? Any HOWTOs on how to effectively install
debian and give a new life to my old trusty PB1400?

4.) How long would kernel recompile (provided kernel contains parts related
to pmu) take? Just wondering...

5.) What about PCMCIA? I have a modem card. Last time I checked PCMCIA
wasn't quite supported.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, over to you now...



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