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Re: airport on tibook: surfing vs. ssh/scp

On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 11:03:25AM -0800, Serge Rey wrote:
> > For me turning the encryption off fix the problem.
> i did see your note on this and tried turning off the encryption on both
> the wap and the tibook. the problem is i can't connect the tibook when
> encryption is off, only when it is on. it is strange as i can connect with
> other laptops when encryption is off.

Strange. For me removing the wireless_essid from the /etc/networks/interface is
enough. Do you use /etc/networks/interface ? 

> > Is someone aware of firmware update for the airport card?
> good question.

I should have CC: ben. I hope you don't mind ben if I CC you. Is there
something like firmware update for this kind of hardware? If yes do you
know a way to know the firmware version?


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