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Re: MIDI adapter for TiBook

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003 10:25:42 +0100
Raph HP <raph@gmx.fr> wrote:

> could anybody using MIDI on an apple notebook tell me, what is the
> best way to connect MIDI for use under Debian PPC? I have a TiBook III
> and I do not know much about MIDI. I would like to be able to connect
> a keyboard/synthetiser (like YAMAHA DX 7 or DX 21) to my computer. The
> only thing I know, is that there exist USB-adapters and that some are
> supported by the kernel. Here is what I found in the kernel
> configuration:
> Say Y here if you want to connect a USB MIDI device to your
> computer's USB port. This driver is for devices that comply with
> 'Universal Serial Bus Device Class Definition for MIDI Device'.
> The following devices are known to work:
>   * Steinberg USB2MIDI
>   * Roland MPU64
>   * Roland PC-300
>   * Roland SC8850
>   * Roland UM-1
>   * Roland UM-2
>   * Roland UA-100
>   * Yamaha MU1000
> -------
> Are these adapters still available?


You should use the alsa 0.9 series driver. You can get debs for this.
This is the most up to date and stable midi driver. For hardware,  have
a look for the interface you might want to buy here:


If you want to get a midi sequencer set up going, you should probably
join the linux audio user mailing list - the people there are very


I am currently using a midisport 1x1 usb midi interface/ alsa  driver
on a tibook 400/ debian powerpc testing+2.4.20ben1 kernel+alsa cvs. This
midi interface is more difficult to set up than other interfaces as you
have to download a firmware to it to get it to work. Once it is set up,
it works very well. And it was quite cheap ;) 



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