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Gnome2: a lot of broken packages (aptitude)


When I mark gnome (metapackage, version 20) in aptitude almost all dependent packages are broken (red background). Is this a normal situation? I mean, should I install gnome regardless of the background color? If not, how can I found out, why almost all packages get marked as broken?

Further aptitude tells me, that the following packaes are on hold: libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2, perl-base, gcc-2.95, cpp-2.95, perl, perl-modules, libpng3, wireless-tools 25-2, drm-trunk-module-src

The only package that I set on hold was wireless-tools. What could have made all the other packages set on hold?

I am running Debian testing and ben's kernel 2.4.20 (compiled on 24. Dec 2002) on an iBook (11.2002)

I know I ask a lot of questions at the same time, but I hope some of you have time to give me a few hints.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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