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Re: any hope for ibook2 500 users and external video?

also I've the same problem and I'm looking for a solution. 

> * boot, then insert external monitor and use m3mirror --
>    X color depth and resolution correct, but display doesn't sync
>    and wobbles.  console wobbles too.
I'm thinking about a problem with hsync and vsync polarity then with fbset I change them but the output on external video is the same.
I also try to set the right resolution of the external monitor, with fbset, but the image is still wobbles. 

> * boot with external monitor in --
>    external display syncs OK but X resolution and color depth is wrong,
>    display overlays itself and looks screwed.  console displays OK.
I'm thinking about this problem, and maybe this is wrong but ...
"It's as if the FrameBuffer device can't access correctly the contents of Video's ram"
Does anybody have comments about?


P.S. I love my iBook and I'd like to do presentations under Linux so I can remove OS X.

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