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Debian on 2nd HD

Hi List,

The computer of interest is a Macintosh 9500 with a MaxPower G3 upgrade card at 300MHz. 117MB RAM, and three hd. 2 hd are on the internal scsi buss and one is on an Adaptec scsi controller. The primary (about 1.2GB) hd is running Mac OS 9.1. The second hd is also 1.2GB and is empty. The wide scsi hd from the Adaptex controller is 4.5GB.

The external scsi buss is used for things like cd burner, external hd, removable syquest and MO disks. There is no permanent scsi chain on the external buss. I do have some spare 4.5GB and 9GB in storage.

The 9500 is on an AppleTalk network to share a printer. Internet connection is through a dialup connection.

The question: Can Debian Woody be installed on an empty hard drive without any Mac OS at all. In such a case the computer will recognize the OS from the primary hd and allow me to "switch" to the Debian hd, I hope. Or must the Debian hd have somepart of Mac OS on it?

I have installed Red Hat and SuSE on some Intel boxes and the intalls were ok. The Intel boxes are structly Linux distros, no other OS. I am looking for a distro that will run on both platforms and Debian seems to have a good reputation. Will there be an installer in Debian somewhat like YAST2 from SuSE? 

Will the Debian hd have any problem accessing the shared printer or using the cd burner?

At the moment I cannot think of any other software to be used except a web browser, StarOffice, any of the KOffice modules as they become available and a few things from GNOME.

Tks. r.

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