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Re: Debian comes up with clock 14 hours off

hej Michael,

> > The story so far; in Debian on my iBook, the clock is 14 hours ahead
> > (it's set correctly in Mac OS X).  The problem is consistent and
> > reproducible.  [...]
> > Someone asked what time zone I'm in; I'm in Central, GMT-6 hours.  
> And what does 'date +"%Z %z"' display? Does it show the correct time
> Do you have multiple Linux partitions? In particular, is /usr on a
> separate partition? The time zone (on my system, at least) is set by a
> symlink from /etc/localtime to a particular file under
> /usr/share/zoneinfo/. I had the same problem when I had /usr separate
> from the root partition (where /etc was), as mount -a is run after the
> clock is set up, so the symlink didn't work when it was needed. Copying
> the appropriate file from zoneinfo to /etc/localtime fixed the problem.

Here I only have one single partition, so this can not be the
issue. There must be (atleast one) another reason for the


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