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printing problem


	I am having Debian Woody Release installed on an iMac. I have ipx installed and running and so is ncpfs. I have a .nwclient file with permission 600 written with my "SERVER/USERNAME password" information. "slist" shows me a list of all the printers that I should be able to access. However, I am not able to print. I get "close error". Following is my output :

*****************	output	***************************
pghosh@topos:~$ pqlist

Server: MATHS
Print queue name                                    Queue ID
NUMERACY_Q                                          C5000076
MAM_TECH_Q                                          C7000088
ADU_EXEC_DJ690C                                     5101001D
STATLAS2                                            81010001
FISH_LQ450                                          8D010001
HPLJ4LWEBB                                          BA010001
ADULJ4                                              DC010001
ADULJ3                                              EB010001
STATLAS                                             0E020001
MAILQUEUE                                           2A020001
MAM_PG_RESEARCH_Q                                   59020001
MAM_PG_ADMIN_Q                                      62020001
LASER_DLL                                           6B020001
MAM_RESEARCH_Q                                      72020001
MAM_ADMIN_Q                                         97020001
STATS_Q                                             32030057
STATLAS3                                            34030092
STATSPS1_Q                                          3A0300F2
STATLAS4                                            5503007D
MAM_ADMIN_DJ540                                     6B03003C
STATS_REC_Q                                         EA0300C4
MAM_ADMIN_LJ2100TN                                  47040094
MAM_COSMO_Q                                         A5040075
pghosh@topos:~$ nprint -q MAM_RESEARCH_Q Dmesg.ps
close error

************************	end of output	******************************

	Please can someone help. 

	Thanking you,


Partha Pratim Ghosh

Post Doctoral Fellow
Topology and Category Theory Research Group
Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
University of Cape Town
Rondebosch 7701
Cape Town
South Africa

Telephone : 	(0)27-21-6504527
e-mail	  :	pghosh@maths.uct.ac.za
Home Page :	http://www.topos.netfirms.com	

"Mathematics is a game, play it..."

"Algebra : Analysis :: Anatomy : Physiology"

"... only algebra is dull and only topology is boring, it is
their mixture that is interesting..."


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