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I have been given a Beige Mac G3/233/96Mb/4Gb

I would like to use Linux and Mac OS dual boot on it.

I have installed Debian Woody on a 2nd 200Mb hard drive to check everything
is Ok and it works well.  But I would like to give Linux some more space.

Is there any way to split the 4Gb main drive in half and allocate 2gb to Mac
OS and 2 gb to Linux?

I do not have the MAC OS 8.1 system disk.  I have borrowed a copy of 9.1 but
I can't persuade it to boot.  I have tried holding down 'c' and selecting
the CDROM as the startup disk.

Are there any non destructive partitioners for Mac like Partition Magic for

Any other idea?

"There are 10 sorts of people in this world; those who know binary, and
those who don't"

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