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I compiled my own kernel yesterday (feeling very proud of doing just
that) and have fixed some problems.  I have questions about dma sound
and scsi though.  I compiled (kernel-source-2.4.18 with patch from
kernel.org) with CONFIG_DMASOUND_PMAC=y and CONFIG_DMASOUND=y, but get
no sound.  Do I need just dmasound_pmac, or do I need to include

The problem I'm having with scsi is a bit weird.  With the 2.2 kernel I
can mount the zip drive on /dev/sda, but with the 2.4 kernel I can't
because I don't have access privileges, but root can.  I added myself
to group disk, but that doens't seem to do anything

Maybe this needs a thread of it's own, but I don't think it needs much
discussion: I tried installing libncurses5-dev (stable) and it didn't
work because I have libncurses5 5.3.* and libncurses5-dev depends on
libncurses5 5.2.  Somehow I got the unstable versions of libncurses5
and libc6.  I'm basically running Debian stable here.  Should I
downgrade libncurses and libc6?


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