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The SmokeTest : Black Terrazzo Screen, No Boot, No Woody

Im installing Debian on my Powermac 6400/200 (late stoneage hw)
Everything seemed well until "Please, remove all floppy CD"
And then Boot "for the very first time"
It didnt boot
The HD ran for 3 secs and then stopped
The screen had a nice terrazzo pattern !
:-) and thats all :-(
But the worst was yet to come:
Tried booting from my floppies
What floppies ?? The machine didnt seem to recognice the drive -
screen in terrazzo & stop
During installation I repartitionened my harddisk, and I fear that I have been a little too eager
For now I'm stuck with a machine that does'nt seem to have a active bootloader,
And with no possibility for booting from a floppy or CD
That's it !
Now for the prayer ! To whom it may concern.
Aside from throwing this fine piece o hw out o da window, what can be done ???
Any suggestion welcome.
Greetings from Denmark

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