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Re: booting from hard disk of rs6000 43p 150

John F Davis wrote
Try 1:
setenv boot-file /zImage.chrp-rs6k
setenv boot-device /pci@80000000/scsi@10/sd@4
boot hd

OpenFirmware cannot read Linux filesystems, so this will _never_ work.
Your best bet is to install the Yaboot bootloader into a PReP Boot partition
(type 0x43) and have that load a kernel from you filesystem.


The quick/dirty answer is to compile yaboot and execute the "addnote" binary
that got built on the "second/yaboot" binary.  Then "dd" the yaboot binary
to your PReP Boot partition (not larger than 8M!), edit your /etc/yaboot.conf
file to point to your kernel and you should be good to go.  Read the README.rs6000
included with the yaboot source for more detailed info.

Note that yaboot cannot read extended partitions, so don't try and boot a kernel
out of one.


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