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Re: MIDI adapter for TiBook

> I am currently using a midisport 1x1 usb midi interface/ alsa  driver
> on a tibook 400/ debian powerpc testing+2.4.20ben1 kernel+alsa cvs. This
> midi interface is more difficult to set up than other interfaces as you
> have to download a firmware to it to get it to work. Once it is set up,
> it works very well. And it was quite cheap ;) 

Yup, Matthew is right, you'll want to setup alsa - I had to install it
from CVS to get both usb-audio (which is where the usb midi drivers are
kept) and the powermac driver.  Most linux midi programs use alsa for
midi anyways.  I got a midiman uno working, which is a bit tricky, but
it was only $30US, however it oopses my kernel everytime I unplug it :)

A couple of useful links:
Midisport firmware stripper:

Using timidity as a soft synth via alsa:

BTW - if anybody knows of a good sequencer program than runs under ppc,
please let me know, I have yet to find one that builds.

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