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RE: Building kernel

Hi Reto,
 Look for the iBook (not iMac!) benH tree kernel.  This is a precompiled
 kernel and the config file used in building it is listed there for

  There is a very good page available
out there which lists the whole installation process along w/ config files.

 You should read all of the other postings on this mailing list to get
 everything working properly.  I am assuming that you have already setup and
 rsync'd, ben's latest kernel src benH-2.4.20-ben5.  If not, you really
 should.  His stuff is really cutting edge and excellent. 
 use the above config file as a guide and cut out or customize any thing the
 way you want it.  If you have trouble, post again and I will attach my
 ..config file that I am using on my ibook2.2 right now.  (I am at work at
 moment and can't get to it.)
 but you should be fine.
 I hope you have compiled the kernel before... otherwise it will be a little
 more painful but no big deal.
 good luck.

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Reto Stalder wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried to build my own kernel, following Mij's tips on his page.
> Unfortunately I get compiler errors. I guess that I mess up some settings.
> Would somebody send me his .config? I have an ibook 2.2 (800MHz, Radeon
> 7500).
> Regards,
> Reto


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