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tcpdump on 700MHz iBook not receiving all frames?


I was recently trying to sniff some network traffic ("for, errr, diagnostic
purposes only") using tcpdump on my iBook. I only seemed to receive broadcast
frames and frames to my MAC address though. Before anyone asks, I *was*
plugged into the monitor port on the switch and I believe it was configured
correctly (although I'm not familiar with the switch in question so it's hard
to be sure...)

Anyway, my question is: does the promiscuous mode of the sungem driver in
Ben's linux 2.4.20-ben5 work correctly? 

While I'm asking daft questions, here's another one: Does Ben's 2.4.20-ben5
include voltage scaling as well as clock scaling? I seem to remember that you
get a cubic reduction in power consumption if you lower voltage as well as
clock frequency. Also, I believe it's possible to reprogram both of the PLLs
in the 750FX to just about any frequency you desire -- any plans to expose
that functionality, Ben? ;)



William R Sowerbutts                                  will@sowerbutts.com
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